People seek psychological counselling to deal with various issues in their lives including stress, relationship problems, phobias, addictions, mental health, eating disorders, and loss. Life can seem overwhelming at times and this can make an individual feel depressed, unmotivated and unsure of the best direction to take. Traumatic experiences can also hinder an individual from fulfilling their potential. Counselling offers freedom, escape, and support in such situations. It allows people to explore their emotions, beliefs, and values in a non-judgmental setting.

Solve Crisis

crisis counsellingCounselling is considered an effective solution when one is in a crisis. People seek assistance to solve difficult situations. It may be necessary to consult a counsellor if you face a problem that seems to be beyond your capability. Loss is one of the most common reasons for seeking assistance. It can be loss of a job, loved one or relationship. The crisis can also be a disability or medical condition diagnosis, stress, victimization, mental illness episode, trauma or abuse. It can be difficult to cope with any of these situations on your own, making it necessary to get professional assistance. Counselling Melbourne offers an effective way to solve a crisis that appears devastating. Just make sure they are accredited

Manage Transitions

Some people get psychological counselling to help them manage transitions. A counsellor can help you adjust or prepare for your new situation. Transitions can be quite challenging especially when you have to make difficult decisions in the process. We know that transitions are a must in life but we are not always ready for some of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Some of these transitions include marriage, parenthood, joining the workforce, retirement, chronic illness, disability, moving out of your parents’ home, and adulthood. A psychologist can help you access the resources and support you require for the transition period. Therapy can also be valuable when you want to explore the decisions you have made and how they have influenced your life.

Make Changes

Most people feel stuck at one point in their lives and they seek counselling to help them make changes. Therapy allows you to explore the various possibilities available without judgment. It can empower you to make changes that will have a significant impact on your situation and life in general.

Develop Self-Knowledge

counsellingCounselling can help people develop self-knowledge. Some people seek therapy to help them explore their past, analyse their feelings, and reflect on life. This is valuable for those who want to discover themselves. Self-knowledge is essential because it helps an individual understand their approach towards life and the changes they need to make.

Get Social and Emotional Support

Some individuals seek therapy to get social and emotional support. A counsellor can connect you to valuable community resources to access the support you need. They can also equip you with skills to develop strong and healthy relationships. Your counsellor can also recommend group therapy to develop your sense of belonging. People get counselling to interact with individuals who are going through the same situations. This offers encouragement and hope and it can even motivate you to make relevant changes.

Why People Seek Counselling

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